Hello! I am a digital artist & designer based in the Netherlands who is passionate about computer graphics,
whether it's 2D illustration, 3D animation or concept art. I'm also a bit of a programmer.

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About me

My name is Richard Benning and I am a digital artist & designer based in the Netherlands. Drawing has always been a passion of mine which eventually evolved into digital painting and 3D modelling. I have always liked some form of interactivity in my work, so I've also added programming in various languages to my skills.
I have two bachelor degrees in Multimedia Design and Software Engineering.

At this point I have worked at several companies as a designer, 3D artist and front-end developer with a focus on (serious) gamedesign. In my free time I like to create digital paintings.

I'm currently employed as a Virtual Reality designer/developer at Maastricht University in the Netherlands where I create realtime 3D characters and worlds to be used in psychological experiments.


Work experience

Virtual Reality developer at Maastricht University
Designer/front-end developer at BIC Multimedia
Gamedesign project at Maastricht University
Designer/3D animator at Airglow Studios
Various freelance assignments


Communication & Multimedia Design (bachelor)
Software Engineering (bachelor)


Maastricht University • BIC Multimedia • Airglow Studios • Via Belgica Digitalis • Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht • Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht • Paul Kusters • Venster op de Vecht • Zicht op Maastricht •
VVV Maastricht • Maastricht Map • Kijkdaar • Maastricht Bereikbaar • Ton Slits • Hoge Fronten

If you want to get in contact with me, send a message to info@richardbenning.nl