I am a digital art generalist and developer who loves to create imaginative works and interactive experiences.

What I can do

Digital Art

With the freedom to experiment with different forms and mediums, the possibilities of digital art are vast. From detailed illustrations to quick concepts. From single characters to whole new worlds.


3D allows for an incredible array of possibilities: we have complete control over the environment, characters, lighting, and camera angles. This level of control allows for more immersive storytelling, and can create a more engaging experience for the audience.

Virtual Reality

VR allows the viewer to become an active participant in a piece of art, creating a unique and memorable experience that leaves a lasting impact. VR also is an invaluable tool for scientific research.


Animation is a powerful medium that has the ability to bring ideas to life. From simple explainer videos to full-length feature films, animation can convey complex concepts and stories in a visually engaging way.

Game Engines

Using a game engine such as Unity or Unreal a game or interactive experience can reach their audience on a wide range of platforms, including PC, mobile, console and virtual reality.


Proficient in C# with a focus on interactive and 3D oriented projects. Web development experience using PHP and Javascript.